April 2, 2016

Why aren't we famous?

Pourquoi ne sommes-nous pas devenus célèbres?

C'est en substance la question que pose cet article du Focus Vif qui revient sur notre deuxième album Waltham Holy Cross :-)


Bonne lecture...

March 4, 2015

The Doctor

Hey, we are still alive! OK, maybe a bit less active this last year: parenthood, moving... that sort of things.
But we recorded a few new songs. Most of them are still unfinished but two are already mixed. Here is one... Maybe you will get the second one at some point... be patient... watch this space!

July 25, 2014

A proof we were there

So, keiki played the Pispot Festival (see below).

Here is our proof with an ode to our heavy metal roots:

December 13, 2013

10 pieces - 5th anniversary reissue

Keiki: catch them all!

We will probably never outdo Frank Zappa, but Keiki has already released several records: 3 albums and one EP. Only one of these wasn't put out by Cheap Satanism Records and it has now almost sold out. To celebrate the record's 5th anniversary, it made sense to make it available to a wider audience through a digital release.

In 2006, Keiki sees the light as a trio: vocals, guitar, bass, with a drum machine and a theremin. Within months the band was recording its debut album, 10 pieces. The sleeve, made in pure DIY style, was put together using a piece of gauze and two colours: black and white. Initially destined to be released on the trio's own Puppy Farm Records, the album fell into the hands of Glock Music, a small UK-based label. There were talks of a release in Great-Britain. Sadly, shortly after, Glock Music imploded and a first batch of 10 pieces was hanging in limbo somewhere in England. Keiki kept the faith and sold most of its albums at gigs. 

You can now re-discover Keiki's minimalist, melodic, eccentric electro-rock and vaguely pop style of its early days. Their basic ingredients - twisted guitars, compromise-free female vocals, quirky lyrics, wild theremin, melodic bass lines, no frills drum machine - are bound to seduce those who like to colour outside the lines. Vice Magazine gave it a 7/10 rating and Penny Rimbaud from Crass became a fan.

The digital album is available here through Cheap Satanism Records - who put out the band's subsequent albums Waltham Holy Cross and Popcorn from the Grave
or, direct, via our brand new Bandcamp:

November 7, 2013

Getting ready to rock hard abroad

We'll be playing a show in Besançon (Ze Music All Bar) and in Düsseldorf (Brause) later this month.

Here's a clip from our last show in Brussels on October 24th (at Café Central):

September 27, 2013

Let's go to Utrecht

We are playing at the ACU in Utrecht with Vitas Guerulaïtis and Baby Fire.
They've made a great flyer that sums well the spirit of it.