That's us with a cat... we love cats:

And that's us live... we love to play live:

Dominique at Bulex by Séverine Bailleux
Raphaël at Magasin 4 by Aurore Bellot

Send us your keiki pictures at ilovekeiki(at) and we might put them up here (with credit).
Envoyez-nous les photos de keiki que vous avez prises à ilovekeiki(at) et on les publiera peut-être ici (avec crédit).

Playing in Oakland (CA, USA) at Eli's High Mile Club by Cindy

keiki at Lons-le-Saunier (F) by Doom

Dominique at Botanique by Fab

At Magasin 4 by Séverine Bailleux

At Belle-Vue by Séverine Bailleux

Also, here are a few pics by Steven Quintyn on Genthology.
And here are some other pics by Fred Brichaud on Shoot Me Again.

For some reason, some people like to take pictures of Raphaël's pedals:

mid 2009
early 2009